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Speech codec play a significant role in VoIP and codec determines the standard and cost of the call. Let me explain you what precisely VoIP codec’s are and the way they work. You could have heard about information compression, or in all probability you will have heard about air compressor which compresses a quantity of air in enclosed container, VoIP codec’s are not any completely different than a air compressor. Speech codec’s compresses voice into data packets and decompresses it upon arrival at vacation spot. Some VoIP codec’s can compress enormous quantity of voice while maintaining QoS which suggests use this kind of codec will value much less as a result of it’ll devour only a fraction of information network. Some codec’s are simply not capable of encoding large amount of voice they simply consume big quantity of information networks bandwidth therefore the cost goes up. Following is a listing of VoIP codec’s along with how a lot data network bandwidth they eat.

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